Right now Life Matters is featuring the efforts of our community to help in any way the people of Nepal. The LM Facebook page has information on how some of our friends fared and what is being done to support them. You may also want to contribute to the Sherpa Emergency Fund through JOS. For you Rochestarians, please join us on June 7th for a fundraising event to benefit the effort! The next few months' JOI Free Hikes are also posted (open to all!). If you are interested in getting these updates in your newsfeed, "like" the Facebook page for the latest news.
    Let's Do Something Together!


    Introducing the first in a year-long interview series of PPS community members on what matters in life! We'll be posting a new interview every few weeks, culminating in the documentation of the Once-in-a-Lifetime Reunion! If you would like to hear how Life Matters to some members of the PPS community, be sure to check back! Until then, enjoy Rick's brother, Steve.


    It is a long way off, but we want to be sure you mark your calendar for this year's PPS Reunion. It will be the biggest one yet- we're inviting ALL past participants to join us in celebrating all the joy the outdoors has brought us. Come share your story as part of the Life Matters interview series, and enjoy a weekend full of great adventures- paddling at Mendon Ponds, hiking the Lehigh Valley Trail, and an evening of music after the fun-filled reunion lunch. Contact us for details!


    We are going in search of the Dalai Lama on a trek through northern India! Join us as we visit Dharamshala, the seat of the exiled Tibetan government, and hike in the western Himalayas. There is also the opportunity to volunteer with the Tibetan refugees! This trip offers unsurpassed natural beauty, spiritual enlightenment, and adventure like no other. Contact the office for more details!


    Rick, Marcia, and some friends explored the birthplace of humanity during the first PPS trek through this African country. They visited our ancient ancestor Lucy, Queen of Sheba's palace, 1500ft waterfalls, the Ark of the Covenant, and mysterious rock-hewn churches. Check out the video of their adventures and read the daily details on the trip's live updates!

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